The Mono-Moped on the gift display.

The Mono-Moped is a single-seater legendary Vehicle. It could be obtained from an old gifts batch. It costed Bucks 99, Bucks 199, Bucks 499 in the respective gifts.

The Mono-Moped closely resembles the Moped, with it's most distinctive difference being the fact that it has a large, singular wheel, hence the name. The Mono-Moped also has two distinctive exhausts which are not present in the standard Moped, and the steering handles are connected lower down than those of the Moped. Other differences include the seat being slightly thinner, and the headlight enclosure being white instead of having the same color as the rest of the body.

Pros & Cons



A Legendary Only 1 Seat (only you can ride in it)

unless a player becomes a baby

No longer obtainable

The Mono-Moped in a player's inventory.

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