The Mono-Moped on the gift display

The Mono-Moped is a single-seater legendary vehicle in Adopt Me! that was added on March 25, 2018. It could be obtained from an old gifts rotation. It cost Bucks.png 70, Bucks.png 199, Bucks.png 499 in the respective gifts. The Mono-Moped is no longer part of the gift rotation and can now only be obtained through trading.


The Mono-Moped closely resembles the Moped, with its most distinctive difference being the fact that it has a large, singular wheel, hence the name "Mono", meaning one. The Mono-Moped is bright red, having two distinctive exhausts which emit smoke particles, and the steering handles are also connected lower down than those of the Moped. Other differences include the seat being slightly thinner, and the headlight enclosure being white instead of having the same color as the rest of the body.

Pros & Cons



Fast and efficient Only 1 player can ride it, so other players cannot

ride along.

Easy to control Drives moderately slowly
Rare A Legendary vehicle only obtainable

from gifts in 2018

The Mono-Moped in a player's inventory

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