The Monkey King is a legendary pet that can be obtained when 3 Staffs are combined with a normal Monkey. It can now only be obtained through trading with other players or by using three Staffs, which could only be unlocked by purchasing Premium Monkey Boxes, costing Robux 195 each. The chances of getting these staffs to make the Monkey King is very low. It may cost thousands and thousands of Robux if not more to receive 3 Staffs without trading.


The Monkey King is a yellow and tan monkey with gold and red armor, inspired by the Chinese legendary figure "Sun Wu Kong." In its tail is the staff that is used to create the Monkey King. It also has a golden crown with two red feathers.


Picture of the Staff Ingredient used to make a Monkey King


  • Sit (Newborn)
  • Lay Down (Junior)
  • Beg (Pre-Teen)
  • Joy (Teen)
  • Trick 1 (Post-Teen)
  • Trick 2 (Full Grown)

Neon Appearance


Neon Monkey King

The Neon version of the Monkey King has its staff, helmet, and sleeves glowing light blue.

Mega Neon Appearance

The Mega Neon version of the Monkey King has its staff, red hairs, and sleeves cycling through the colors of the rainbow.

MFR Monkey King

Mega Neon Monkey King


  • It is pretty hard to get the King Monkey as you need 3 staffs (found in the Premium Monkey Box, which costs Robux 195 each), therefore it’s more than 6x harder to get than the Albino Monkey.
  • It is based off of the legendary Chinese character, Sun Wu Kong.
  • Curiously, both the Ninja Monkey and the Monkey King share sitting and running animations (the former differentiating from the Ninja Monkey as it spins its staff while in sitting position). This is likely because both pets have Asian backgrounds, although it should be noted that Japan and China are two separate countries.
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