The Monkey Gift Board

The Monkey Fairground was an Adopt Me! Event that began on May 28, 2020, at 12:00 PM (ET). In this update, six new monkey pets were added to the game.

A new circus location near the Pet Store and Hot Air Balloon was also added in this update. Based on a real circus tent, it is lined with lights around its entryway.

To obtain a monkey pet, one had to open a Monkey Box. There were two different types of monkey boxes - A premium, costing Robux 195, with a normal (Non-Premium) costing Bucks 600.

Adopt Me! has confirmed that the Monkey Fairground will return sometime after the departure of the original event.


The only known activity in the event was opening Monkey Boxes. One of these boxes cost Robux and the other costs Bucks. The one that required Bucks, bears a similar appearance to that of a Jack-In-The-Box, containing less rare pets and items than the one costing Robux. The Premium Monkey Box, costing Robux, have a much higher chance of getting better items. In either of these boxes, one could claim random toys, vehicles, or food items along with the guaranteed Monkey.

Getting Ingredients

When opening Monkey Boxes, one was guaranteed a Monkey and some items along with it. These items could include the Ingredients one needs to create the Business Monkey, Toy Monkey, King Monkey, and Ninja Monkeys. One required 3 of the same ingredients to transform a normal Monkey into another Monkey. None of these specially-transformed Monkeys could be unboxed, only made. The only Monkeys one could unbox so far were the normal Monkey and the Albino Monkey.

Monkey Boxes

Main Article: Monkey Boxes

To get an item, one had to open one of the two Monkey Boxes. One was guaranteed a Monkey (or a chance for an Albino Monkey from Premium Box).

Box Image Cost Rarity
Monkey Box
Bucks 600 Rare
Premium Monkey Box
Robux 195 Legendary



The Board and Boxes

These are the prizes that one could obtain by opening one of the Monkey Boxes.

Important Notes

  • Legendary Items could only be obtained from Premium Monkey Boxes.
  • The two monkeys that could be obtained directly from Monkey Boxes: The Albino Monkey and Monkey, have different chances of obtaining them from the other Rare/Legendary items.
  • Normal Monkey Box will ALWAYS give a normal Monkey and two other items.
  • Common Items could not be obtained from Premium Monkey Boxes.


Rarity (Chance in Normal Box | Chance in Premium Box)
Common (45%|0%) Cotton Candy
Uncommon (30%|45%) Hypnotic Frisbee Clown Umbrella Clown Unicycle
Rare (15%|30%) Monkey (100%|90%) Briefcase Ingredient Cymbal Ingredient Monkey Pogo
Ultra-Rare (10%|20%) Scroll Ingredient Clown Car Monkey Propeller
Legendary (0%|5%) Staff Ingredient Albino Monkey (0%|10%)

Obtainable Pets

There are 6 types of obtainable Monkeys in this event. One is confirmed to be the normal Monkey, while the others include the Albino Monkey, Business Monkey, Toy Monkey, Monkey King, and Ninja Monkey.

Each monkey has a special animation, and at least one special pet accessory. (excluding Monkey and Albino Monkey)

Pet Image Rarity How to Get Accessories
Monkey Pet
Rare Monkey Box

(Bucks 600 | 100% chance)


Premium Monkey Box

(Robux 195 | 90% chance)

Business Monkey
BusinessMonkey Pet
Ultra-Rare 3 Briefcase Ingredients

(From Monkey Boxes)

Head Tie
Toy Monkey
Ultra-Rare 3 Cymbal Ingredients

(From Monkey Boxes)

Fez Hat
Ninja Monkey
NinjaMonkey Pet
Legendary 3 Scroll Ingredients

(From Monkey Boxes)

Ninja Headband

+ Kitsune Mask

Monkey King
Legendary 3 Staff Ingredients

(From Premium Monkey Box)

Monkey King Crown
Albino Monkey
Legendary Premium Monkey Box

( Robux 195 | 10% chance)



  • The Monkey Box that costs Adopt Me Bucks was similar to the Lunar New Year 2020 event, where one could've gotten a Rat or Golden Rat.
  • The Monkey Box that costs Robux is similar to the Honey and Golden Goldfish, where one could get Bees or Penguins.
    • Despite the Penguins and Bees not being limited, the Monkeys are limited, although they will return periodically.
  • Adopt Me! announced that all monkeys have unique animations, although the Monkey and Albino Monkey learn the same tricks.
  • This was the second event in Adopt Me! where some of the pets had accessories coming with them, after the 2019 Christmas Event.
  • The Monkey King is the rarest pet in the event as it must be obtained from the Premium Monkey Box. There is a 5% chance of getting either the Albino Monkey or one of the Monkey King's Staffs from the Premium Monkey Box that costs Robux 195.
    • One could NOT get the Monkey King's staff ingredients or Albino Monkeys from Normal Monkey Boxes, although one could get everything else.
  • The Monkey Fairground officially left Adopt Me! on June 25, 2020. Although it left, the Monkey Fairground will be coming back to Adopt Me! later on in the game, possibly with new Monkey Variants.
  • After the Monkey Fairground left, the Premium Monkey Box was still available in the shop. This was an error. Less than 30 minutes later, Adopt Me! did a small bug fix update and the Premium Monkey Box was removed from the shop.
  • One can no longer trade ingredients from the Monkey Boxes for different Monkey Variants as the fairground is gone.
    • However, one can still trade the ingredients with other players, even though their demand is low at the moment since they have no use besides being there. You may be able to combine them again when the Monkey Fairground comes back.
    • The Monkey Fairground will come back with normal monkeys, but most likely there will be new monkey variations.
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