Not to be confused with Rat Box.

Monkey Box (Above) Premium Monkey Box (Below)

A Monkey BoxΒ is a loot-box type of item found and could be obtained in Adopt Me! during the Monkey Fairground event. Every time one is opened, there is a guaranteed Monkey in the middle, as well as two other things on either side. The Monkey Box is classified as rare and the Premium Monkey Box is classified as legendary.

There are two different types of boxes:

  • Monkey Box (Bucks 600)
  • Premium Monkey Box (Robux 195)

The only Monkey Box that you can get a legendary from is the Premium Monkey Box, making it impossible to get a Staff ingredient or an Albino Monkey other than through Robux or trading.

Types of Monkeys

After talking with the original monkeys, if you have three of these ingredients found in the boxes, they will make your monkey the same type as themselves. These are all the monkeys you can get in this update:

Box Items

Common Cotton Candy
Uncommon Clown Umbrella Clown Unicycle
Rare Monkey Cymbal Briefcase Monkey Pogo
Ultra-Rare Monkey Propeller Clown Car Scroll
Legendary Albino Monkey Staff
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