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Not to be confused with Premium Monkey Box.

The Monkey Box is a rare gift in Adopt Me!. It could have been found and bought for Bucks.png 600 during the Monkey Fairground event. Every time one is opened, there is a guaranteed Monkey, as well as two other items. As its respective event has ended, it can now only be obtained through trading.

Types of Monkeys

Players were instructed to find "ingredients" to make a special type of monkey. Once a player collected three ingredients of the same kind, after talking to the specified NPC, they were able to "create" a special monkey. Below are the different types of monkeys that could be obtained in the Monkey Fairground:

Obtainable Items

Rarity Items
Common Cotton Candy
Uncommon Clown Umbrella Clown Unicycle
Rare Monkey Cymbal Ingredient
Briefcase Ingredient Monkey Pogo
Ultra-Rare Monkey Propeller Clown Car
Scroll Ingredient