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The Millionaire Mansion is a house in Adopt Me!, which comes as a part of the Millionaire Pack, a gamepass costing Robux.png 1,250.


The Millionaire Mansion features a spacious, 3 story mansion with a driveway outside in which players can park their vehicle(s). White spotlights shine at the top of the mansion, along with several trees planted. On the balconies, the lowest and second highest balcony has 2 trees. For the highest, it is portrayed as a helicopter pad with 1 spotlight.

There is a room on the left of the door that serves as a dining room and another one further down on the right hand side that serves as a kitchen. In front, there is a staircase leading up to a huge glass pane that leads to a pool. Up the staircase is two rooms and the first balcony. There is more rooms up on the top floor, with three rooms (one of them has a diving board above the pool) and the second balcony.