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This article shows the Mega Neon Version of the Neon Pets. The Regular Neons can be found here.

New Mega Neon Icon

The Mega Neon icon.

Old Mega Neon Icon

The old Mega Neon icon.

Mega Neons are pets in Adopt Me! that were added on April 17, 2020.

Mega Neon pets can be made in the Neon Cave. Inside the Neon Cave, players can make Mega Neons by placing four Luminous Neon Pets of the same species onto the four glowing circles around the edge of the platform. This will cause them to coalesce and become one pet. The new pet will glow in the same areas as the Neon version, expect it will cycle through the colors of the rainbow (note: some pets, such as the Evil Unicorn, only cycle through colors suiting the pet's color palette rather than cycling through every color of the rainbow).

To make the Neon pets Luminous, players can complete tasks to age the Neon Pets from Reborn, to Twinkle, to Sparkle, to Flare, to Sunshine, until they finally reach Luminous to be eligible for making a Mega Neon. Players can also trade for Luminous pets or feed their pet an Age-Up Potion, which ages it up thirty tasks. The higher rarity the pet is, the longer it takes to age up.

The only pets that cannot be made into Mega Neons are the Pet Rock (not to be confused with the Rock), Scoob, Pumpkin, 2D Kitty, and Classic Teapot.


  • In the trading update, the Mega Neon icon shown in a player's inventory was changed to prevent scams.
  • Mega Neon pets have the same abilities as fully grown pets. As soon as they are made, Mega Neon pets are ready to have their friendship levels aged up.
  • There are no further Neon tiers after Mega Neon.
  • The Frost Dragon and Shadow Dragon used to only cycle through the colors white and blue. During the Monkey Fairground update, both pets were changed to cycle through all the colors of the rainbow.