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This article discusses the Mega Neon Version of the Neon Pets. The Regular Neons can be found here.

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Mega Neons are special versions of pets in Adopt Me! that were released on April 17, 2020. Players can obtain a Mega Neon pet by combining four of the same Luminous Neon Pets in the Neon Cave. After combining these four Neon Pets, players receive a color-changing pet that cycles through various colors of the rainbow (though there are some exceptions).

The Luminous Neon stage is a fully grown pet. Like making a Neon pet, to make a Mega Neon pet, one's four Neon pets must be full grown/Luminous.

In the Adopt Me! Trading update, the Mega Neon icon shown in a player's inventory was changed to prevent scams.

The parts and colors of the pet that glow depend on the type of pet the player is turning Mega Neon.



  • The only pets that cannot be made into a Neon or Mega Neon are the Chick, Scoob, Pumpkin (Pet), 2D Kitty and the Pet Rock, all of which were from events and were untradeable. The Scoob, Pumpkin (Pet), 2D Kitty and Pet Rock also disappeared after their respective events ended. Although the Chick is permanent and will stay in a players' inventory forever, it is untradeable. Therefore, players cannot obtain enough Chicks to make a Neon or Mega Neon Chick.
    • The Chick could be hatched out of the Easter 2020 Egg during the ROBLOX Annual 2020 Easter Egg Hunt and can not be traded or gifted.
    • The Pet Rock was a flyable and rideable pet that was available at the beginning of April 2020, as a fun April Fools' event. It was then taken out of players' inventories on April 3, 2020. Each user could only have one of these and was also untradeable and unable to be gifted to other players, making it impossible for there to be a Neon or Mega Neon Pet Rock.
    • There was a Twitter post in which one of the Adopt Me! team members was sitting on a Neon Pet Rock, but that is unobtainable.
    • Similarly, the Pumpkin (Pet), a flyable and rideable pet, was also obtainable during the Halloween Event (2020), after a player completed one of the mini-games, Pumpkin Smash. It was subsequently removed from the players' inventories on November 11, 2020. Each user could only have one of these and players were unable to trade or give the pet away, making it impossible for there to be a Neon or Mega Neon Pumpkin.
  • Adopt Me! YouTubers who are members of the Adopt Me! Influencer Program automatically have their Neon pets aged to Luminous.
  • Mega Neon pets do not age like normal pets or Neon pets. They are automatically "full grown" once turned into a Mega Neon pets.
  • There are no further Neon tiers after Mega Neon.
  • Some pets, such as the Evil Unicorn, only glow colors suiting the pet's color palette, rather than cycling through every color of the rainbow.
  • The Frost Dragon and Shadow Dragon used to only cycle through the colors white and blue. During the Monkey Fairground update, both pets were changed to cycle through all the colors of the rainbow.