The Marshmallow is classified as a common food in Adopt Me! that players can obtain for free from the Camping Store and beside the logs on the camping grounds. Players can also get it from a cabin, whether they pay Bucks 200 to or entering through glitch.

This food item can be only used once, but it completely fills a baby’s or a pet’s hunger status nevertheless. 


If a player equips a Marshmallow and walks close to the campfire, their Marshmallow will begin roasting. The Marshmallow will undergo several color changes, from a light orange to dark brown glow. After about 30 seconds, the Marshmallow would then be set on fire, leaving a flaming animation as the player moves. 

The player could still eat the Marshmallow the normal way no matter how burnt it is, or what color it becomes.


It features the classic puffy white marshmallow on a long brown stick, with a bit of the stick protruding from the tip.

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