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The Magic Door is an ultra-rare Gamepass item that was added to Adopt Me! on February 7, 2020. Players can purchase it for Robux.png 150 in the Adopt Me! Gamepass shop.

The Magic Door will teleport the player from its place on the map to their house. This makes it convenient if the player has to complete tasks that can only be completed at their home, such as showering pets or babies. The Magic Door is also useful for families.


The Magic Door has the appearance of a curved wooden door. It has 2 tree branches sticking out with leaves on the branch, giving the appearance of a small tree.


  • This is the third toy that can be placed down in the game, with the first two being the Lemonade Stand and the Hotdog Stand.
  • A player cannot place a Magic Door in some places, such as on a slope, or while they are riding or flying a pet.