The Luxury Car is a two-seater legendary vehicle included in the Millionaire Pack for Robux 1250, along with the Millionaire Mansion. The Millionaire Pack's high cost makes the Luxury Car the second most expensive Robux-costing vehicle in the game, beaten only by the three carriages obtained in the Royal Carriages Gamepass. The Luxury Car is one of the few vehicles which cannot be obtained through trading.

The Luxury Car is similar to the cars that are available in the Supercars Pack, as they are all supercars that are included in a gamepass instead of being sold as standalone vehicles.


Despite being referred to as the Luxury Car in the game, the car's appearance is akin to that of a supercar. Specifically, the front of the car is somewhat reminiscent of that of the Ferrari 360 Modena, with certain styling ques from the Lamborghini Murciรฉlago, which are more noticeable in the rear end of the vehicle and the side windows. The Luxury Car always comes in a dark red color.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Fast Costs Robux
Good turning Not enough seats if you intend on transporting more than one passenger
Two seats Not very good control (i.e. swirls and turns a lot) if you use on mobile
A Legendary Cannot be traded away/obtained through trading
Very expensive, second most expensive Robux costing vehicle overall


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