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The 2020 Lunar New Year Event was an event in Adopt Me! that lasted from January 24, 2020, to February 7, 2020. The update added new pets and furniture to the game.

Lunar New Year Platform

The Lunar New Year Platform featured a display of the Panda, Rat and Golden Rat pet, where the Rat Box and Panda were sold for Bucks.png 345 and Robux.png 249 respectively. In a Rat Box, there was a 1/15 chance of getting a Golden Rat and a 14/15 chance of getting a Rat.

Obtainable Pets

Pet Image Rarity Price
Rat Pet.png
Rare Bucks.png 345

(Rat Box | 14 in 15 chance)

Panda Pet.png
Ultra-Rare Robux.png 249 (Gamepass)
Golden Rat
GoldenRat Pet.png
Legendary Bucks.png 345

(Rat Box | 1 in 15 chance)


  • Despite the Rat and Golden Rat only being available for a limited time, the Panda was moved to the Pet Shop after the event.
  • Adopt Me! added Rat pets, as 2020 was the year of Rats in the Chinese zodiac.