The Limo is an ultra-rare, six-seater vehicle that users will receive after purchasing the V.I.P Gamepass for Robux.png 499.

The Limo can only be obtained by purchasing the V.I.P gamepass. It is non-tradable, meaning it is not able to be traded or given away like most other items.


The Limo in a player's inventory.

The Limo is a modern convertible limousine with a white interior. The Limo's second row of seats faces toward the third row, which means that passengers of the second row face toward the passengers of the third row, much like the Camper Van.

The Limo's design is not derived from a single vehicle. The headlights bear a close resemblance to those in the 2016 Dodge Dart, whilst its oval tail lights are similar to those found in the 2018-present Bentley Continental. The body itself is a generic design without an obvious influence.

The Limo's color adapts to the color that the player set as being their favorite. This means that the Limo has 7 color options: pink, blue, purple, green, red, orange, and black. This also makes it the only Robux-costing vehicle to have customizable colors.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Has six seats (many passengers can ride). Mediocre speed.
Good handling. Requires purchase of the V.I.P gamepass.
Changes to the color that a player set as their favorite. Cannot be traded.
Color can be customized after purchase of gamepass. Flips easily.


  • Before the Limo was released, the GoKart was the only V.I.P vehicle available.
  • The Limo is the only currently obtainable vehicle that can change colors.
  • The Limo is the only Ultra-Rare vehicle that is non-tradable.
  • The Limo has the largest amount of passenger capacity of any vehicle, along with the Camper Van, the Choo Choo Train and all of the carriages from the Royal Carriages gamepass.
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