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Not to be confused with Kitsune Mask.

The Kitsune is a legendary pet in Adopt Me! that was released on July 10, 2020. It costs Robux 2019 Logo Black.svg 600. It is currently available and can be bought in the Pet Shop along with the Panda, Sloth, Cerberus, Guardian Lion, Peacock, Red Squirrel, Winged Horse, and the Axolotl.

When the Kitsune was first released on July 10, 2020, not only was there a new pet, but there was also a 50% discount to every pet in the Pet Shop for the first two weeks of the Kitsune’s release. This was to encourage players to purchase the Kitsune, as well as some of the other Robux pets. On July 24, 2020, the discount came to an end and the prices went back to normal.

During the Cyber Sale (Nov 24, 2020 to Dec 1, 2020), the Kitsune was given a 50% discount, making it cost Robux 2019 Logo Black.svg 300.


The Kitsune has a peach-colored body with three salmon-colored teardrop shaped marks on its forehead. The Kitsune has large peach colored ears with salmon colored insides. It also has a salmon, reddish-pink colored fluffy area around the neck. The tips of its seven tails, as well as its feet, are also colored reddish-pink. It also has two black beady eyes and a triangular-shaped black nose.


Listed below are the tricks the Kitsune learns in order:

  • Newborn - Sit
  • Junior - Lay Down
  • Pre-Teen - Beg
  • Teen - Jump
  • Post-Teen - Trick 1
  • Full Grown - Trick 2

Neon Appearance

The Neon Kitsune's ears, parts of its tails, chest, and feet glow light blue. Some of the tails glow so bright that their neon color resembles white during the day.

Mega Neon Appearance

The Mega Neon Kitsune glows in the same areas as when made Neon, except that it cycles through the colors of the rainbow.


  • In the actual Japanese legend, a kitsune can have at most nine tails. However, the Adopt Me! Kitsune has only seven tails.
  • In the literal sense, Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox. Foxes are a common subject of Japanese folklore; in English, Kitsune refers to them in this context. Stories depict legendary foxes as intelligent beings and to possess paranormal abilities that increase with their age and wisdom.
  • This pet could be a reference to the Kitsune Mask, which was a pet wear mask available in the Monkey Fairground with the Ninja Monkey.
  • All seven of the Kitsune's tails are animated.
  • Adopt Me! announced Kitsune's release on June 25, 2020, along with concept art. In the concept art, Kitsune had nine tails. In the replies of the post, however, it was confirmed that the final model would have seven tails instead.
  • On July 6, 2020, Adopt Me! posted a video that displayed these seven tails, but it may be difficult to see the last two, as five take the front. Though, when the video shows the Kitsune doing a flip, it can be seen with two more visible tails.
  • On July 4, 2020, Adopt Me! displayed the final model of the Kitsune, along with a poster that revealed that there would be a discount to every pet in the Pet Shop for two weeks.
  • The Kitsune used to be found on a pedestal in the Pet Shop; however, after the Halloween Event (2020), it was moved to the area where the Panda, Horse, Griffin, and Sloth reside.
  • It is the third fox pet released, the others being the Fennec Fox, the Arctic Fox, and the Red Fox.
  • The Kitsune is the same price as the Griffin, Robo Dog, and Axolotl.