The Kangaroo is one of the eight pets that can be hatched from the Aussie Egg in Adopt Me!. It is classified as a legendary pet and players have a 1.5% chance of hatching one from an Aussie Egg. Another legendary pet from the Aussie Egg is the Turtle.

Besides being hatched, it can otherwise only be obtained through trading with other players, like all the current pets. There are two other items that represent the Kangaroo. They are the Kangaroo Pogo and the Kangaroo Stroller.


The Kangaroo is mostly brown with a light beige underbelly, and the insides of its ears are tan. The Kangaroo also has a pocket in the light beige area of the underbelly.


  • Sit - Newborn
  • Lay down - Junior
  • Jump - Pre-Teen
  • Beg - Teen
  • Trick 1 - Post-Teen
  • Trick 2 - Full Grown

Neon Kangaroo

Neon Appearance

When made Neon, the Kangaroo's inner ears, nose, tail, and feet glow bright yellow.


A Mega Neon Kangaroo

Mega Neon Appearance

When made Mega Neon, the Kangaroo's inner ears, nose, and feet switch between purple/pink, blueish lavender, and white.


  • The Kangaroo, along with the other 7 Aussie Pets, was released on February 28, 2020.
  • The Kangaroo's first appearance was on the Kangaroo Stroller and Kangaroo Pogo, long before the official pet was released.
  • The Kangaroo and the Frog are currently the only pets that move by jumping or hopping.
  • The Aussie Egg resembles a Kangaroo.
  • When it sleeps, instead of lying down, it sits and puts its head down.
  • One of its tricks, when it becomes Full Grown makes a baby kangaroo, also known as a joey, come out of its pouch. The Turtle has a similar trick.
  • When players zoom into the Kangaroo, they can see the joey's face in the Kangaroo's belly pouch.
  • Kangaroos are the only pet in Adopt Me! who can raise their eyebrows and has a baby inside itself.


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