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Justin was an NPC shopkeeper originally found inside the Green Groceries. He was moved to the Farm Shop in Adopt Me! in the Farm Shop Event (2021).


Justin has long black hair and wears golden braces on his white teeth. He has on a black t-shirt under a green apron. The front of the apron features a small green bow.


This was what Justin used to say when a player interacted with him in the Green Groceries:

"Hi there! Welcome to Green Groceries. Buy anything you want, it will make you less hungry or thirsty!"

This is what Justin says when a player speaks to him in the Farm Shop:

"Hey there, welcome to the Farm Shop. Fantastic food and delicious drinks, all fresh from the farm!"

"Buy your fill to stop thirst and hunger in their tracks!"

"Can I interest you in some delicious lavender?"

"Just be careful with the lavender - it's for the ladybugs!"