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Javier is an NPC in Adopt Me! who can be found inside the Toy Shop, behind the counter.


Javier wears a red shirt with a yellow collar and bow. He has a brown apron with a blue mark on it. He has short black hair and wears glasses.


This is what Javier says to the player when they interact with him:

"Where did I put that nailโ€ฆ? It's somewhere around hereโ€ฆ -Oh, hey! My name is Javier! My job is to make toys for this lovely toy shop. -My day-to-day involved crawling on the floor looking for lost toy parts. -And then standing on those lost toy partsโ€ฆand then being air-shipped to the hospital. -Trust me, small wooden blocks are lethal."


Javier replaced Bethink as the NPC who stands behind the counter at the Toy Shop.