The Ice Queen Sleigh is a limited ultra-rare vehicle in Adopt Me!, which players could only obtain during the 2019 Christmas Event. It is unobtainable now, unless through trading. It has almost the same functions as the Santa Sleigh but it is light blue and has only one seat.


The sleigh has a blue exterior with a white interior. It also has a blue lantern at the front that is hanging and glows Light Blue during the Night. The outside blue part of the Ice Queen sleigh is metallic and shines when the Adoption Island light hits it. As of December 2019, the Ice Queen Sleigh cost 1440/4300 Gingerbread Men in the 2019 Adopt Me! Christmas Event.

RobloxScreenShot20191221 200652715

The Ice Queen Sleigh in front of a Pizza Shop.


Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Very fast Very rare
Good turning Only available for a limited time
Excellent handling Only one seat
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