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The Ice Grapple is a legendary toy in Adopt Me! that was added on May 12, 2022. It can be found and purchased in the Snowy Igloo Shop for Bucks.png 5,000 or obtained through trading. It can only be found in the Snowy Igloo Shop on the 28th of each month for 36 hours at a time, along with the other items in the shop.


The Ice Grapple features a grappling hook with a white and blue body; the blue part of its body consists of crystals that wrap around the handle and front.


To interact with this item, a player can click/press anywhere on their screen to fire a hooked-cable which allows them to be pulled towards their target location. Like most other grappling hooks, players cannot use this item on non-solid graphical objects, if they are on a vehicle, doing an obby, flying or riding a pet.