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The Ice Cream Shop is a shop in Adopt Me! located on Adoption Island. This is a shop run by a female NPC named Elsa. Players can purchase Ice Cream with their Bucks.png bucks, and Golden Goldfish with Robux 2019 Logo Black.svg Robux. The Golden Goldfish can be used to obtain a King Penguin, Golden King Penguin, or Diamond King Penguin. The exterior of the building is a large upside-down ice cream cone with spilled pink ice cream on the bottom. Inside the shop, King Penguins are seen skating on the ice, and a pastel colored booth selling items is in the middle.

The Ice Cream Parlor was redesigned and changed to the Ice Cream Shop on July 14, 2022.


These are the current items that can be bought in the Ice Cream Parlor:

Item Cost Usage Rarity
Bucks.png 1 To feed to pets/babies Common
Robux 2019 Logo Black.svg 225 To tame a King Penguin, Golden King Penguin, or Diamond King Penguin Legendary

Ice Cream Scoops

After players purchase an Ice Cream Cone, they can add up to three scoops of Ice Cream onto each cone.

Flavor Color Availability
Chocolate Brown Yes
Vanilla White Yes
Strawberry Pink Yes
Mint Green Yes
Cherry Red Yes
Blueberry Blue No
Grape Purple No


  • This is the first building to get an upgrade with pets, the second being the Coffee Shop.
  • When Penguins were added, the seats of the shop were all removed.
  • Before 2019, it was previously called Icey's.
  • When a player interacts with a Penguin skating on the ice rink, they will ask them to bring them a Golden Goldfish.
  • If a player tries to add a fourth scoop of Ice Cream, a message will pop up saying "Adding too many scoops might make it tip over!"