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The Ice Cream Parlour is a store in Adopt Me!

This is a shop ran by a female NPC named Elsa.


These are the current items that can be bought in the Ice Cream Parlour:

Item Cost Usage Rarity Image
Ice Cream Cone 1 Buck To Feed to your Pets/Babies Common N/A
Golden Goldfish ROBUX 225 To tame Penguins or a Golden Penguin Legendary
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Ice Cream

After you get an Ice Cream Cone, you can put 3 flavor ice creams on top of it.

Flavor Color
Chocolate Brown
Vanilla White
Strawberry Pink
Mint Green
Cherry Red


  • This is the first building to get an upgrade with the second being the Coffee Shop.
    • The main reason why is because the penguins moved there.
    • You can now get a Penguin by buying a Golden Goldfish.

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