The Ice Cream Parlor is a store in Adopt Me!.

This is a shop ran by a female NPC named Elsa. When Penguins were added, the seats of the shop were all removed.


These are the current items that can be bought in the Ice Cream Parlor:

Item Cost Usage Rarity Image
Ice Cream Cone Bucks.png 1 To feed to pets/babies Common Screenshot 130.png
Golden Goldfish Robux.png 225 To tame Penguins or a Golden Penguin Legendary

Ice Cream

After players purchase an Ice Cream Cone, they can put up to 3 flavors of ice cream on top of it.

Flavor Color Available?
Chocolate Brown Yes
Vanilla White Yes
Strawberry Pink Yes
Mint Green Yes
Cherry Red Yes
Blueberry Blue No
Grape Purple No


  • This is the first building to get an upgrade with pets, the second being the Coffee Shop.
    • The main reason why is because the penguins moved there.
    • Players can now get a Penguin by buying a Golden Goldfish.
    • It used to be called Icey's.


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