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The Human Bubble is a rare single-seater vehicle in Adopt Me! that is awarded to players after reaching 140 stars as part of the Star Rewards program. It takes about 45 days of playing to obtain the Human Bubble, though the time may vary. It can also be obtained through trading.


The Human Bubble is a transparent sphere with several lines around its exterior. The lines are probably to help distinguish whether the bubble is moving or stationary. The player can be seen sitting in the Human Bubble, despite it having no seats. The Human Bubble moves without any sort of apparent way of propulsion.

Handling & Speed

In terms of handling, the Human Bubble is essentially a skin of a Monocycle and behaves as such. It is incredibly fast with unforgiving handling. Crashing into objects at a fast enough speed can cause the Human Bubble to bounce off of them, preserving its speed and momentum.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Fast. Has only one seat.
Completely transparent. Requires a lot of stars in Star Rewards.
Small and does not cause jams. Very hard to control, tips over at high speeds.


  • Upon release, the Human Bubble used to be non-tradable. This was most likely done unintentionally, as it was quickly changed.
  • The Human Bubble does not float on water, though many people believe it does.