The Human Bubble is a single-seated rare vehicleΒ inΒ Adopt Me! that is awarded to players after reaching 140 stars (45 days) in the Star Rewards program. It can also be obtained via trading. However, when first released, it couldn't be traded and could only have been obtained by maintaining the login streak.

Appearance & Design

The Human Bubble is a transparent sphere with several lines around its exterior. The lines are probably there to help distinguish when the bubble is moving or stationary. The player can be seen sitting in the Human Bubble, despite it having no seats or any sort of apparent way of propulsion.

Handling & Speed

In terms of handling, the Human Bubble is essentially a skin of a Monocycle and behaves as such. It is incredibly fast with unforgiving handling. Crashing into objects at a fast enough speed can cause the Human Bubble to bounce off of them, preserving its speed and momentum. Additionally, you can go into the water with it.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Fast Only one seat
Good turning You have to wait in order to obtain the ball
Cheap on stars Laggy, since can get you stuck in the tunnel


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