Not to be confused with Heart Hoverboard.

The Hoverboard is a Legendary single-seated vehicle currently in Adopt Me!, available as a prize in Santa's Gift Display. Just like skateboards, scooters, snowboards and some other vehicles, players stand instead of sit on a hoverboard

Much like the other temporary Gift Display legendary vehicles, it is only available for one week at a time, and if a player doesn't purchase it before the deadline then they must wait before it becomes available as a prize again.


The Hoverboard is a futuristic-looking vehicle that has the ability to levitate off the ground with the help of two blue flames originating from two exhausts located at the bottom of it. It is reminiscent of a floating skateboard without wheels, however it is slightly faster than skateboards.

The Hoverboard is mostly beige, with two pieces of black trim wrapped near the edges of the vehicle. In contrast, the bottom of the vehicle is mostly black, with two of what appear to be blue exhausts on either side, with flames always shooting through them. The middle also has a glowing blue line going through it, which has the same exact color as the two exhausts. The Hoverboard's blue flames light up at night in a manner similar to the Ice Queen Sleigh's lantern.

It is most likely based on the Hoverboard from the Back to The Future series, especially the bottom side of it.



The Hoverboard showcased in Santa's Gift Display.

The Hoverboard is a quick, agile, and manoeuvrable vehicle that is useful for long trips across the map. If the player is traveling with a pet, however, it is advised that they use a leash or hold it if they are an adult, as pets can often struggle to keep up and get stuck, as a result of the Hoverboard's high speeds. The Hoverboard can also get stuck while traveling between the Neighborhood and Adoption island.

The Hoverboard, Surfboard, and the Santa's Sleigh are the only vehicles in Adopt Me! that have the ability to float above water.


  • The hoverboard can hover above water, making it easier to cross the rivers and lakes.

The Hoverboard in a players inventory.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Moderate Speed Very Rare
Looks very cool and lots of people like it! Can Only be obtained from Santa's Gift Display
This, the Surfboard, and the Santa's Sleigh are the only vehicles that can hover over water. Only 1 Seat (Only you can ride in it, the only way to have multiple people ride is by one being a baby and being held or riding an adult player.
Lights up at night Gets stuck easily
Very good turning, like the Santa's Sleigh Can flip upside down. (See picture below.)
Upside Down Hoverboard

An upside-down hoverboard, showing that they can go upside down.

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