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The Hotdog Stand, also known as the BBQ Stand, is an ultra-rare toy in Adopt Me!. It was added on September 7, 2019 during the Hotdog Stand Update. It can be obtained in the store for Robux.png 95 or through trading. It is similar to the Lemonade Stand.


The Hotdog Stand can be placed by selecting in it from the inventory. After it is selected, it will appear transparent and float in front of the player until the player places it down with the left mouse button (or by simply tapping the screen on mobile). Once placed down, the player can set up the Hotdog Stand by setting a price to it or take it down and put it back in their inventory. The Hotdog Stand gives the player the ability to sell Hotdogs at a price ranging anywhere from Bucks.png 0 to Bucks.png 50 and it cannot go any lower or higher.

When setting up, the Hotdog Stand cannot be placed on a slope or object. It is the food variant of the Lemonade Stand.


  • Several furniture items such as a cash register, ketchup, and mustard bottles, and a loaf of decorative bread are placed on the Hotdog Stand. A grill can also be seen placed to the right of the Hotdog Stand.
  • If the Hotdog Stand is placed while a Lemonade Stand is already placed, the Lemonade Stand will disappear from the ground, meaning players can only have either Lemonade Stand or Hotdog Stand equipped at one time.
  • The Hotdog Stand displays the username of the player that owns it on a banner that reads [Player]'s Hotdogs. The same banner reads "Hot dogs (not made with real dogs)" in all capital letters in the shop.
  • At an unknown point, it became possible to set the price to Bucks.png 0.