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The Hospital is a building in Adopt Me!, next to the Pet Shop and a Premium Plot. The place is used for the Sick ailment and allows the player to heal their pet or themselves if they are a baby. The two NPCs in the Hospital are Doctor Heart and Nurse Knee.


The Hospital is a building that can be used to heal a player's baby or pet.

There are currently three ways to heal a baby or a pet:

  • In the west wing, players can head into the small hospital room where there is a Healing Apple sitting on the nightstand. If it is fed to a baby or a pet while they are sick, their sickness will be cured.
  • Players can also go to the operation room in the west wing. By sitting on the operation bed, the baby or pet will slowly be healed.
  • The third way is to go into the east wing and speak to Doctor Heart. Once the player speaks to her, a pop-up message will appear on the player's screen that states, "Ask Doctor Heart to heal your family?". Selecting "Yes" will allow Doctor Heart to heal any sick babies or pets in the player’s family. Selecting "No" will close the user interface and cause Doctor Heart to prompt the player with a goodbye dialogue.