Honey Candy

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Not to be confused with Honey or Honey Jar.

Honey Candy is a common food item in Adopt Me! that can be obtained through collecting the candy shot out from a BEES! Blaster. It can otherwise be obtained through trading.

BEES! Blasters are obtainable through using the code provided with the purchase of a NERF X Adopt Me Blaster (available in stores worldwide). Players have a quantity limit of five Honey Candies in their inventory.

When the BEES! Blaster shoots out Honey Candy, the player's equipped pet will go up to the Honey Candy and 'eat' it. To get Honey Candy in their inventory, players must collect it before their equipped pet eats it. This task is easier to do without a pet equipped.

Once the player eats Honey Candy, the player becomes temporarily faster, similar to the Hyperspeed Potion, Candy (Food), Chocolate, Chocolate Twist, Chocolate Drop, Ice Tub, Cookie, Cotton Candy, and Candy Corn.


The Honey Candy features an orange inner shell with yellow stripes. Its appearance is similar to the Bee Hive.

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