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Not to be confused with Honey Candy or Honey Jar.

Honey is a single-use item in Adopt Me! that can be found in the food section of a player's inventory and can be used to tame various kinds of bees. Upon throwing a pot of Honey, players can either tame an Ultra-Rare Bee, a Legendary King Bee, or a Legendary Queen Bee.

The Honey Gamepass costs Robux.png 199. Players can buy the Honey by clicking on the Honey Pot located next to Beetrice in the Coffee Shop or from the in-game Shop GUI.

The sign located next to Beetrice displays information regarding the chances of obtaining certain types of bees.

The Process of Taming a Bee

Players can use the Honey in the Coffee Shop where the NPCs Archer and Beetrice reside to tame a Bee.

In order to tame a Bee, a player must firstly equip the Honey from their inventory. After doing so, a player may click anywhere on their screen to throw the honey; after it is thrown, the bees present in the Coffee Shop swirl around the pot of Honey.

After a partial wait, a certain type of a bee, either an Ultra-Rare Bee, a Legendary King Bee, or a Legendary Queen Bee, will come down to the Honey Pot and consume the honey. Once the Bee finishes eating, it will automatically be placed into the player's inventory.

Obtainable Pets

Below are all of the pets that can be tamed using Honey.

Bees Rarity Chances Image
Bee Ultra-Rare 35/40 Chance (87.5%)
King Bee Legendary 4/40 Chance (10%)
KingBee Pet.png
Queen Bee Legendary 1/40 Chance (2.5%)
QueenBee Pet.png