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Henry was an NPC in Adopt Me! that worked at the DNA lab at Fossil Isle. His task was to analyze fossil samples a player brought to him in order to unlock the holograms of the pets that were obtainable from the Fossil Egg. Players would receive Tusks, the Nautilus Shell Necklace, the Amber Earrings, Forgotten Flower, and Bone Wings after they gave him fossils. They would then have to wait nearly a day until they could bring him fossils again.


Henry has black hair and glasses. He also wears a blue shirt under a white lab coat and black pants.


When a player approached Henry with a fossil sample, this is what he said:

"A perfect fossil specimen! Let me just run some analysis on this... Hmmmm... Yes! You've uncovered some XXX DNA. The holographic projection shows what this used to look like before it was extinct. Come back tomorrow to dig for more fossils. Also take this cool accessory as thanks for helping out."

After the Fossil Egg was released, he said this:

"My years of work on fossil analysis are about to pay off! I wonder if the real thing will look as good as my holograms?"