Having some trouble after just starting Adopt Me!? Here are some Helpful Hints!

How Do I Get Money to Buy Things?

In order to obtain money in Adopt Me!, you must first choose whether to be a baby or a parent. Parents and babies will both get money periodically.

Parent: If you are a parent, your job is to go into the Nursery and adopt a baby, or you can create or be added to a family. Once you do that, you must keep your baby's stats up, which can be done by checking your baby monitor. Every ten minutes, you will get a Paycheck of 20 Bucks.  

Baby: If you are a baby, you must get added by a parent or another baby to a family. Once you have done that, you must go around with your parent and try to higher your stats as they decrease. Just like your parent, every ten minutes you'll receive a Paycheck of 20 Bucks.

You can also earn money by completing obbies. The obbies do have a time limit once you complete that obby until you can earn money from it again.

How Do I Keep My Baby's Stats Up?

This table shows the locations of where the baby can go to boost each individual stat.





Pizza Shop Baby Shop Pool Nursery
Ice Cream Shop Gym Gym Houses/Apartments
Baby Shop Pool Houses/Apartments -
Supermarket Park - -
- Fun Shop - -

Where Do You Find a Car?

As some do not know, you can find a car in the Car Dealership right next to the Nursery, where you will find a selection of magnificent vehicles, all at different prices.

How Do I Add More Members To My Family?

If you'd like to add more members to your family then click on the 'Add to Family' button that appears above the player's avatar. If they are already in a family this option will not appear. If you wish to leave your family to be invited to another family, click on the family button at the bottom right corner of your screen and then click 'Leave Family.' To be added to another family, someone who is already in that family must invite you to join their family.

What is one of the fastest ways to get rich in Adopt Me?

If your looking to get rich in Adopt Me codes, (enter able in the menu screen) which you can get from Newfissy's twitter page or YT videos, can get you 200+ dollars instantly and is great for starting off. After that if your looking to farm then parents usually get more money. The trick is getting a small house with the money above to get a house that is merely functional its should have at least 3-5 if each thing needed to complete a section of needs. EX: 3-5 beds so that you may have many babies sleeping at the same time.

When looking for what to do with all that money you got from farming as a parent getting a house like the mansion or the estate is recommended. After that you can finally get Money trees. Money trees are very late game and cost 1450 each giving 10 dollars every 5 minutes. As you keep playing keep adding to your collection of money trees and soon enough your most likely to be the richest person on the server.