Not to be confused with Hoverboard.

The Heart Hoverboard is an ultra-rare two-wheeled vehicle available for purchase as a gamepass.


The Heart Hoverboard Gamepass cover.


The Heart Hoverboard is one of the cheapest Robux-costing vehicles in the game, meaning it is more accessible to people that don't have that much Robux to spend. This, however, also makes the Heart Hoverboard the least desirable Robux vehicles, so players are not advised to purchase this vehicle with the sole intent on trading it.


The Heart Hoverboard is a reasonably quick vehicle with equally acceptable handling, making it plenty capable of simply cruising around the map. The Heart Hoverboard's biggest disadvantage is the lack of seats, making pet transportation, especially as a Baby, quite a nuisance. The Heart Hoverboard's design also makes it quite susceptible to tipping over while going through road imperfections or crashing with other players.

Heart Hoverboard

The Heart Hoverboard in a players Backpack


The Heart Hoverboard is a bright pink hoverboard with heart-shaped wheel arches that always emits heart particles. Unlike the Hoverboard, it does not actually hover, and instead resembles a real-life hoverboard with wheels.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Fast 1 seat
Very cheap on robux Costs Robux
Acceptable handling Easy To Turn
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