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The Healing Apple, also known as the Golden Apple, is a common food item in Adopt Me! that can be found in the left-wing of the Hospital, beside the room with the healing bed. It takes one bite/interaction for a player to fully consume a Healing Apple.

Healing Apples can be obtained for free and will cure a baby or pet's "Sick" ailment. Upon completion of this ailment, players will get Bucks.png 12. It is possible to eat the Healing Apple without the "Sick" task, though the player will not receive any Bucks.png Bucks.

The Healing Apple can be collected multiple times, at no cost, with a maximum quantity of 30. When a player leaves the game, the Healing Apple will be removed from their inventory.


  • Although it is listed as a food item, the Healing Apple does not cure the Hunger ailment.