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Not to be confused with Headless Horseless Headman.

The Headless Horseman is an NPC in Adopt Me! who took part in the 2017 Halloween Event, 2018 Halloween Event, 2020 Halloween Event, and 2021 Halloween Event

The Halloween Event (2017) lasted from October 14, 2017, to November 1, 2017. In this event, he would give away Candy (Currency), his event currency, if players could answer his riddle correctly; he would only do this on an in-game night. The Horseman was also found at the spawn island where he would give free items for candies. Players could buy Candies from him for Bucks.png 75.


The Headless Headman has black boots, pants, and gloves. He wears a gray shirt under a purple, black, and gray patterned jacket. As his name suggests, he does not possess a head or neck.

He bears the same appearance to the Headless Horseless Headman.

Items Sold by the Headless Horseman (2017)

Item Cost Image Use
Pumpkin Rattle Candy Icon.png 1
Click to shake; leaves an orange and black trail.
Teddy Skele Candy Icon.png 3
Click to hug.
Pumpkin (Toy) Candy Icon.png 5
Click to shake and make avatar head disappear; click again to undo.