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The Hat Shop is a shop in Adopt Me! where players can buy pet accessories to customize their pet's appearance.

It was first added into the game on April 4, 2020, where it was submerged underwater. It later emerged right after the countdown to the Dress Your Pets Update, when it was fished out by Burt, an NPC.

There are a total of seven pet accessories that are available in the shop at a time, and the available accessories change every Tuesday and Saturday at 4:00 pm (UTC).

The Hat Shop's shopkeeper NPC is Bonny.

Every hour, a free badge can be obtained from the Hat Shop.


The Hat Shop takes the appearance of a blue tug boat with a large anchor, due to when it was underwater. It has three windows (one at the top and two high-pressure windows at the bottom) and a walkway leading up to it.

The interior of the Hat Shop is actually a separate island where the tug presumably sails to when a player enters it. The island has two shop stands where accessories can be purchased from with palm trees and various sea and pirate-themed decorations spread throughout the island. A shipwreck can also be found close to the island. There are platforms that display 6 types of pet wear each rotation. They are modelled on a mannequin resembling the Dog. At the far end of the island, players can find a throne-like chair. Resting on this chair is a mannequin, resembling the pet Dog, wearing the ultra-rare accessory available at that time. There are 7 pet wears that are displayed at each rotation.


  • It is the first building to have a live event for its release.
  • The throne that the ultra-rare pet item rests on shares its model with the Throne Stroller, but without the wheels.