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The Halloween Event (2021) was an Adopt Me! event. The fall map came out on October 14, 2021, at 3:00 PM UTC, but the Halloween event was released on October 28, 2021. Before the event's arrival, there was a countdown that players could see on the left side of their screen, indicating the number of days before its release.

There was also a countdown to the end of the Halloween event. When a player clicked on the Halloween symbol on the left side of the screen, it asked them if they would like to teleport to the Crypt. When they got there, it teleported them to a place where they would have to swim through a hole to get to the main event. Or, they could go backward, and it would teleport them to a place where they could either leave the main event or go left to go to the shop. There were two minigames that players could choose from; the Headless Horseman race or the Potion Hunt.


Minigames were ways for players to earn Candy Icon.png Candy. There were 2 minigames in this event.

Horseman Chase

In the "Horseman Chase" minigame, players were given a moped that appears to be the Halloween Black Ponycycle. Players were given 2 minutes and 30 seconds to drive around Adoption Island, and their task was to collect the candy corn along the way; each candy corn gave 100 points. If a player was not in the game, the circle that they entered to join the game was red. The red circle became green when a player was in the game. It became purple when the game was in progress. It was still red if the game had started and they were not in it.

On the path, there were Ghost Bunnies floating around. If a player came into contact with one, they would spin out of control for a few seconds. This minigame was similar to the ice skating minigame during the Winter Holiday Event (2020); however, unlike the penguins in the Winter Holiday Event (2020), the Ghost Bunnies did not have dialogue.

To end the game, the player must have run their moped into the Headless Horseman or waited until the time was up. The Headless Horseman lost speed the longer into the minigame, but they never stopped running. A player could be granted up to 240 candy upon completing the minigame.

If players did not catch the Headless Horseman before the time ran out, only 6 candies were given for every 100 points. If a player wanted to play the same game again without completing any other minigames (Potion Hunt) in between, it took 17:30 minutes until it started again.

Potion Hunt

The "Potion Hunt" minigame was a 2-minute game where players were tasked to find ingredients placed around the Crypt. After collecting all the ingredients, they were required to place them inside the Magic Cauldron. There were 4 different potions that could be made after each round, depending on which ingredients were placed inside the Magic Cauldron. Whether or not the player successfully drops off the 3 ingredients into the cauldron, 170 candies would be granted. If the player successfully completed the minigame, either the Ghost Translucency Potion, Candle Summoning Potion, or the Dog Head Potion was given to the player. If a player put the wrong ingredients into the Magic Cauldron, a Dizzy Potion was given to them.

The potions given were removed from the player's inventory after the Halloween Event (2021) ended, even if the player had not consumed them.


Ingredients were the elements of the potion. A total of 7 ingredients could be found, but only 3 could appear and be interacted with per minigame. The ingredients consisted of 5 mushrooms and 2 plants, the locations of which are listed below:

The Black Fern was located behind the statue of Jesse.

The White Fern was located near the entrance of the Crypt.

The Tall Glow Mushroom was located right where the waterfall meets the pond.

The Small Mushroom was located in cell room #2, to the right of the caved-on wall.

The Big Mushroom was located in the hanging cage inside cell room #6.

The Tall Mushroom was located in cell room #1.

The Half Glow Mushroom was located next to the minigame's glowing ring.


Potion Image Effects
Ghost Translucency Potion
Potion Pink.png
Allows the player to go translucent for 60 seconds.
Candle Summoning Potion
Potion Blue.png
Summons three candles around the player for 60 seconds.
Dizzy Potion
Potion Red.png
Shakes the player's screen to mimic a dizzy feeling for 10 seconds.
Dog Head Potion
Potion Green.png
Transforms the player's head into a dog head for 60 seconds.

Halloween Mummy Cat Box

Item Image Rarity Price
Halloween Mummy Cat Box
Zebra Hall Purple MummyCatBoz Render 2021.png
Common Candy Icon.png 600

Obtainable Pets

Pet Image Rarity Price
Halloween Black Mummy Cat
Halloween Black Mummy Cat.png
Uncommon Candy Icon.png 600 (Halloween Mummy Cat Box)
Halloween Blue Scorpion
Halloween Blue Scorpion.png
Uncommon Candy Icon.png 300
Halloween Evil Dachshund
Halloween Evil Dachshund.png
Rare Candy Icon.png 1,000
Halloween White Mummy Cat
Halloween White Mummy Cat.png
Rare Candy Icon.png 600 (Halloween Mummy Cat Box)
Halloween White Skeleton Dog
Halloween White Skeleton Dog.png
Ultra-Rare Candy Icon.png 1,200
Halloween White Ghost Dragon
Halloween White Ghost Dragon.png
Legendary Robux.png 1,000
Halloween Golden Mummy Cat
Halloween Golden Mummy Cat.png
Legendary Candy Icon.png 600 (Halloween Mummy Cat Box)

Obtainable Items

Item Image Rarity Interaction Price
Halloween Orange Pumpkin Balloon
Halloween Orange Pumpkin Balloon.png
Common Allows a player to jump higher. Candy Icon.png 35
Halloween Orange Pumpkin Flying Disc
Halloween Orange Pumpkin Flying Disc.png
Common Click to throw. Candy Icon.png 40
Halloween Black Bat Propeller
Halloween Black Bat Propeller.png
Uncommon Click to be propelled upwards and jump to stop. Candy Icon.png 75
Halloween Black Victorian Candlestick Rattle
Halloween Black Victorian Candlestick Rattle.png
Uncommon Click to shake. Candy Icon.png 90
Halloween White Ghost Balloon
Halloween White Ghost Balloon.png
Uncommon Allows a player to jump higher. Candy Icon.png 60
Halloween Black Witch Hat Stroller
Halloween Black Witch Hat Stroller.png
Rare Can carry one baby or pet. Candy Icon.png 350
Halloween Orange Pumpkin Voodoo Doll
Halloween Orange Pumpkin Voodoo Doll.png
Rare Click to shake. Candy Icon.png 200
Halloween Wooden Scythe Grappling Hook
Halloween Wooden Scythe Grappling Hook.png
Rare Click to fire grappling hook and be pulled to that location. Candy Icon.png 130
Halloween Black Ponycycle
Halloween Black Ponycycle Icon.png
Legendary Rideable one-seat vehicle. Candy Icon.png 3,500

Pet Wear

Pet Wear Image Price Rarity
Halloween Black Cauldron Hat
Halloween Black Cauldron Hat.png
Candy Icon.png 300 Uncommon
Halloween Evil Barrel Backpack
Halloween Evil Barrel Backpack.png
Candy Icon.png 250 Uncommon
Halloween Grey Gravestone Backpack
Halloween Grey Gravestone Backpack.png
Candy Icon.png 430 Uncommon
Halloween Orange Candy Corn Earrings
Halloween Orange Candy Corn Earrings.png
Candy Icon.png 285 Uncommon
Halloween Orange Pumpkin Friend Hat
Halloween Orange Pumpkin Friend Hat.png
Candy Icon.png 660 Rare
Halloween White Skull Hat
Halloween White Skull Hat.png
Candy Icon.png 375 Rare
Halloween Black Axe Guitar Accessory
Halloween Black Axe Guitar Accessory.png
Candy Icon.png 1,200 Ultra-Rare
Halloween Green Zombie Bat Wings
Halloween Green Zombie Bat Wings.png
Candy Icon.png 1,500 Ultra-Rare


  • Every item in this event has the word "Halloween" in front of it.
  • The Halloween Event (2021) was the only Halloween event that allowed players to purchase Pet accessories.
  • Players could also receive Candy Icon.png 150 daily from the pumpkin at the top left side of their screen. This pumpkin displayed a countdown indicating the amount of time before they could claim their next reward.
  • The Halloween Event (2021) was the only Halloween event to have rare pets.