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The 2020 Halloween Event was an event in Adopt Me!. The event started on October 28, 2020, at 2:00 PM UTC and ended on the November 11, 2020, at 9:00 PM UTC.

The event's currency was Candy Icon.png Candy, which could be used to purchase Bat Boxes, pets, toys, and vehicles in this update. A new Robux.png Robux pet was introduced, the Cerberus, and there was a temporary event pet, the pet Pumpkin. Candy could've been obtained through the two minigames: Spirit Showdown and Pumpkin Smash. Players would receive Candy Icon.png 200 from the Headless Horseman daily. Players could also buy Candy with Robux.png Robux.


Players could play two minigames to earn candy; Spirit Showdown and Pumpkin Smash. Players had to wait 30 minutes once a minigame finished to play again.

Spirit Showdown

In the Spirit Showdown Minigame, players captured a Ghost Bunny by spam clicking on it or holding their mouse. After they click at it a single time, the Ghost Bunny automatically starts getting captured by their spirit vacuum. When players used their spirit vacuum on a Ghost Bunny, their score went up. The higher the score, the more candy players earned. In the second stage of Spirit Showdown, players would battle the Boss Ghost Bunny, a giant Neon Ghost Bunny. It attacked by charging and spinning into and knocking over players, and raining particles under them which inverted the controls of the players (such as that with the WASD keys, the W key goes backwards and the S key goes forwards). When a player came into contact with the Boss Ghost Bunny, a fear effect was applied on them which froze the player in place for a few seconds. The purplish-pink aura around the boss ghost, as mentioned by @PlayAdoptMe on YouTube, was where its range of hit was. To not get affected by fear, or getting flung backwards, players would stay out of the aura to avoid the aura. The aura would only appear to players if they had their graphics at a certain setting.

Pumpkin Smash

The Pumpkin Smash minigame.

In this minigame, players would "smash" through pumpkins to earn more candy by running through large floating pumpkins. The large half-pumpkins act as jump pads, and they could use them to get to higher ground where there were more pumpkins to smash, or to smash the pumpkins stacked vertically on top of the jump pads. After completing the game for the first time, players could earn a temporary flyable and rideable Pumpkin pet. As players smashed pumpkins, their boost bar went up. When the boost bar was full, each pumpkin the player smashed earned double points. Additionally, players ran faster after collecting 4 pumpkins for a short amount of time, allowing players to collect more of the pumpkins.

Bat Boxes

Main article: Bat Box

To obtain Bat pets, players had to open a Bat Box. Players could open either a Bat (Uncommon) or an Albino Bat (Ultra-Rare). There was a 1/5 (20%) chance to get an Albino Bat, whereas there was a 4/5 (80%) chance to get a Bat.

Box Image Cost Rarity
Bat Box
Candy Icon.png 1,000 Rare

Pet Wear

There were some new pet wear items that are somewhat related to the Halloween Event (2020). However, unlike all the other items from this event, they were available in the Accessory Shop for Bucks.

Pet Wear Image Price Rarity
Striped Tophat
Striped Tophat.png
Bucks.png 100 Common
Vampire Cape
Vampire Cape.png
Bucks.png 150 Common
Bucks.png 250 Uncommon
Witch Broom
Witch Broom.png
Bucks.png 250 Uncommon
Witch Boots
Witch Boots AM.png
Bucks.png 300 Uncommon
Bewitched Hat
AM Bewitched hat.png
Bucks.png 750 Rare

Obtainable Items

These items were obtainable during the Halloween Event (2020) for a limited amount of time. They could have been bought with Candy while they were still available in one of the Halloween shops.

Item Image Rarity Interaction Price
Eyeball Rattle
An Eyeball Rattle in a player's inventory..png
Common Click to shake Candy Icon.png 250
Crystal Ball Rattle
Crystal Ball Rattle in a player's inventory..png
Uncommon Click to shake Candy Icon.png 400
Pumpkin Stroller
Rare Carries one pet or baby Candy Icon.png 1,250
Spider Grappling Hook
Rare Click to fire grappling hook and be pulled to that location Candy Icon.png 800
Star & Moon Propeller
Rare Click to be propelled upwards and jump to stop Candy Icon.png 950
Rib Guitar
Ultra-Rare Click to play music Candy Icon.png 1,750
Skull Drum
Ultra-Rare Click to play music Candy Icon.png 1,500
Ribcage Carriage
Ribcage Carriage In Inventory.png
Legendary E (or click) to ride, space bar (or jump button) to dismount. Candy Icon.png 3,000

Obtainable Pets

Note: The Pumpkin was a temporary pet and was removed from all players' inventories after the event, but the Cerberus is available permanently. All the other pets in this event are now limited.

Pet Image Rarity Price
AM Pumpkin Pet.png


Free (Complete Pumpkin Smash Minigame

for the first time)

Uncommon Candy Icon.png 1,000

(Bat Box | 4 in 5 chance)

Albino Bat
Ultra-Rare Candy Icon.png 1,000

(Bat Box | 1 in 5 chance)

Ghost Bunny
Ghost Bunny (AM) Transparent.png
Ultra-Rare Candy Icon.png 4,000
Skele-Rex HD.png
Legendary Candy Icon.png 10,000
Cerberus HD.png
Legendary Robux.png 500