The Halloween Event of 2019 lasted from October 18, 2019 to November 1, 2019 and featured activities and items only available during the event or if you trade for a Halloween item.

The event currency was Candy, which could be earned by participating in the activities below or buying them with Robux, and could be spent on exclusive items at the Candy Trading Shop.

Activities & Events

The event's area took place next to the obby rooms, which was the same space the playground had. This meant that the Adopt Me! developers had to remove the items on the playground and design a whole new park, where one of the minigames took place. The second special area that had to be redesigned was the school. The school had turned into a scary castle. The inside had many twists and turns, short cuts, and many traps where people would fall. Both of these places had been redesigned by the Adopt Me! developers and it showed very clearly that they put in a lot of effort into the event.

Candy Hunt

Candy Hunt

Line of candies along the shore of middle island

Every night, Candy Icon 40 were replenished and randomly scattered throughout Adoption Island, encouraging the players to find them. A candy can take on the form of candy corn, bat cracker, or lollipop.

Each candy found in the Candy Hunt is worth Candy Icon 30. The maximum candies that can be earned from this activity are Candy Icon 1,200.

Haunted House

Haunted House
Ghost of (Maybe) the Future

A ghost

Every time the School ailment arises (replaced by Haunted House ailment), 5 ghosts appear randomly scattered in the Haunted House (in place of School), and the player must catch them, with each catch earning Candy Icon 400.

Candies may also be bought with robux, and each candy collected was equal to Candy Icon 40.

The player enters the main area by going down the left passageway until they encounter a giant pit and three rooms, which can be traveled to by walking down thin tightropes (falling down the pit will land the player in a spike trap, and the player must climb up to the main area). A ghost can be found either in the room before the main area, icicle room, room with three doors, room with skeleton bathing, skeleton dungeon, library, and hallway with a treasure chest (there is an invisible pit in the entrance which the player can fall into, be careful!).

The maximum candies that can be earned from this activity is Candy Icon 2,000.



Entrance to graveyard

Graveyard Game

Interior of graveyard (in midst of the minigame)

Every time the Bored ailment arises (replaced by Graveyard ailment), the Graveyard (in place of Playground) opens to a minigame for the player to try and win candies from.

The player starts by approaching the graveyard, in which two ghosts (increases by one every trial if all candies were not dug up, decreases by one to a minimum of two if all candies are dug up this trial) will come out and enter a randomly selected grave. The player must then memorize the ghosts' locations and begin knocking on tombstones. Knocking on a tombstone of an unoccupied grave will earn Candy Icon 20 to Candy Icon 500. Knocking on a tombstone of a grave occupied by a ghost will suddenly reveal the occupied graves and end the trial.

The player has 3 trials each graveyard opening. If they use up all of their trials, they can either pay Robux 15 for another 3 trials or wait for the next opening.

The maximum candies that can be earned from this activity is Candy Icon 5,000 (single trial) or Candy Icon 15,000 (all 3 trials).

Items Exclusive to Event

Items from this event were bought from the Candy Trading Shop. Click the link for more information.

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