The 2018 Halloween Event was the first Adopt Me! Halloween event. In this event, you could collect Candy, the event currency. Candy could be obtained by entering another players’ house and taking candy from a candy bowl. There were 6 event prizes and 9 pieces of furniture that could be obtained.


There were a total of 7 items that players could obtain during this event, 6 of them could be obtained Candy, and 1 of them could be bought using Robux.

The table below lists all of the items that were available for purchase during the 2018 Halloween Event.

Item Cost Use
Candy Cannon Robux 2,000 Shoots out Candy, which was the event's currency. Upon the Halloween Event residing, the Candy started getting stored in the player's inventory instead.
Zombie Buffalo Plush Candy Icon 150 Can be held in a player's hand
Witches Wand Candy Icon 300 Can be held in a player's hand
Vampire Stroller Candy Icon 900 Can carry one baby or pet
Tombstone Ghostify Candy Icon 2,500 When clicked on, it turns the player invisible until clicked again.
Ghost Vehicle Candy Icon 8,000 Rideable one-seat vehicle
Flying Broomstick Candy Icon 20,000 Can fly on during the night

Event NPC

Main article: Headless Horseman
The NPC of this event was the Headless Horseman, who you could talk to about the event and what you could do.

These are some of the Headless Horseman's dialogues:

  1. “Ah...Fancy seeing you here.”
  2. “I have several wonderful items in my shop...”
  3. “Some Make You Faster, Some make you invisible...”
  4. ”Some Might Make You Fly, Some Might Make You Die...”
  5. “That’s If You Don't Read The Safety Label.”



The shop for the event

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