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The Halloween Event (2017) was the first Halloween event since Adopt Me! was released. The event started three months after Adopt Me!'s release into Roblox on July 14, 2017.

The event featured an NPC called the Headless Horseman, which players would find around the map. Hints were provided to help players find him. When players found the Headless Horseman, they would receive Candy, which was seen as lollipops. Candy was used to purchase items at the Candy Trading Stand. The event was removed from game on November 1, 2017.


There were a total of three items players could purchase during this event, them being the Teddy Skele, the Pumpkin, and the Pumpkin Rattle. Players could purchase these for the event's currency, Candy Icon.png Candy.

Item Cost Image Use
Pumpkin Rattle Candy Icon.png 1
Click to shake, has an orange and black trail.
Teddy Skele Candy Icon.png 3
Click to hug.
Pumpkin Candy Icon.png 5
Click to shake, causes player's head to disappear, click again to undo.