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The Gumball Machine is located in the Nursery. Most of the limited eggs in Adopt Me! can or could have been bought at this location. The eggs which were previously obtainable through the Gumball Machine include the Safari Egg, Jungle Egg, Farm Egg, Aussie Egg, Fossil Egg, Ocean Egg, and Mythic Egg. The current egg in the Gumball Machine is the Woodland Egg. Every Gumball Machine egg so far has been a legendary egg, has been available for purchase for a price of Bucks.png 750, and has taken six tasks to hatch.

The shops near it include the Cracked Egg Shop, run by Doug, and the Pet Egg Shop, run by Holly. In the white building, Sir Woofington sells the Royal Egg.


The Gumball Machine has a round white, red, and gray base with a transparent middle area featuring the current limited egg. The dark hole on the dispenser part of the machine serves no function aside from display purposes.