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Gru was an NPC in Adopt Me! who could be found inside his laboratory near the Playground. Gru gave players a Zodiac Minion Egg and a task, which was to hatch the egg. The only pet that can be hatched from the egg is the Zodiac Minion Chick.


Gru wears a blue button up jacket on top of a light blue shirt. He wears a blue and black striped scarf, dark blue pants, and black boots. Gru has black hair which is parted to the side. He has a long, pointy nose and blue eyes.


This is what Gru said to the player when he gave them a Zodiac Minion Egg:

"Look at you. Hello. Listen, there's something that I need to talk to you about… Take good care of this for me! I wonder what's waiting inside? I'm all juiced up, let's go!"

This is what Gru said to the player when they had a Zodiac Minion Egg in their inventory:

"Oh, you already have the egg! I wonder what will be inside? Go, go hatch it!"

This is what Gru said to the player once they had hatched their Zodiac Minion Egg into a Zodiac Minion Chick:

"Wow! The egg I gave you hatched into a Zodiac Minion Chick! I love it! These little guys are so helpful!"