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The Green Tea Cup is a common food item in Adopt Me! that serves as the beginning base of any tea combination. When the Green Tea Cup is filled with tea, it takes three sips/interactions to fully deplete. It can be used to fulfill the "Thirst" task for a pet or baby.

In order to obtain a Green Tea Cup, players must buy the "Green Tea Cup" furniture item for Bucks.png 32; it is found in the "Eastern" section of the furniture catalog. Players will then be able to take a Green Tea Cup by interacting with the furniture item.

If a player attempts to interact with an empty Green Tea Cup, a pop-up message will appear, prompting the player to fill their cup before it can be used. After a player has fully consumed the tea in the cup, the empty cup will stay in their inventory until they leave the game. The cup can be refilled infinitely.


When the Green Tea Cup is empty, players can fill it with tea from the Oolong Tea Kettle, Jasmine Tea Kettle, or the Green Tea Kettle. When a kettle is interacted with, a moving animation of the kettle will pour tea into the cup; this kettle animation stays for a few seconds and will follow the player if they move around.


The Green Tea Cup features a dark green cup with a brown rim. White steam animations are given off if the cup is filled.

When filled with tea from the Oolong Tea Kettle, the liquid inside is clear.

When filled with tea from the Green Tea Kettle, the liquid inside is deep green.

When filled with tea from the Jasmine Tea Kettle, the liquid inside is purple.


  • Previously, players could take an unlimited amount of Green Tea Cups from its furniture item. However, a limit was later set on the amount to one Green Tea Cup per player.
  • When the cup is already filled, a player can replace the type of tea in the cup by using a different tea kettle.
  • Despite sharing a similar name with the Green Tea Kettle, the Green Tea Cup can be filled with tea from any tea kettle in the furniture catalog.
  • Pets can be fed an empty Green Tea Cup to finish their "Thirst" task.
  • Despite being a version of the Tea, the Green Tea Cup is not sold in the Coffee Shop.
  • The Green Tea Cup has two counterparts, the Oolong Tea Cup and the Jasmine Tea Cup.