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Green Groceries was a shop in Adopt Me! where players could buy various food items. Justin was previously the shop's NPC. It was removed from the game on February 17, 2021 and has been replaced by the Farm Shop. Some items that were previously found in Green Groceries are now located in the Farm Shop.


This is a list of items that could have been purchased from Green Groceries.

Item Cost Type
Soda Bucks.png 2 Food
Blueberry Pie Bucks.png 3 Food
Raspberry Pie Bucks.png 3 Food
Chocolate Milk Bucks.png 2 Food
Water Bucks.png 1 Food
Watermelon Bucks.png 2 Food
Ham Bucks.png 3 Food
Apple Bucks.png 1 Food
Cheese Bucks.png 2 Food
Sandwich Bucks.png 2 Food
Taco Bucks.png 2 Food
Burger Bucks.png 2 Food
Popcorn Bucks.png 2 Food
Hotdog Bucks.png 2 Food
Cake Bucks.png 3 Food


  • The parking lot around Green Groceries was significantly reduced since the game's original release.
  • Green Groceries was one of the oldest buildings in Adopt Me!.