The Golden Unicorn is a Legendary Golden Pet released on March 21, 2020 along with the Golden Griffin and Golden Dragon, obtainable in the Golden Egg. It can be obtained once a player reaches 660 login stars and claims a Golden Egg.The player also has a chance of getting one of the other two Golden pets (Golden Griffin & Golden Dragon) from the Golden Egg.

Neon Appearance

Screenshot 2020-03-22 at 10.19.16 PM

A Neon Golden Unicorn

Only a few Neon Golden Unicorns have been made so far, making it fairly rare. The Golden Unicorn's horn, tail and its mane glow bright blue.

Mega Neon Appearance


A Mega Neon Golden Unicorn

The Mega Neon Unicorn's horn, tail, and the front part of the hair rapidly glows; shifting from the colors of the rainbow. 


  • This is the third unicorn pet added in the game, along with the Unicorn , Evil Unicorn. and Diamond Unicorn (which came after).
  • Not many people have these as you need to log into Adopt Me! every day for a year to get a Golden Egg.
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