The Golden Goldfish is a legendary food item in Adopt Me!ย used to tame a Penguin or Golden Penguin. Players have a 90% chance of taming a normal Penguin andย a 10% chance of taming a Golden Penguin. The Golden Goldfish can be found inside theย Ice Cream Parlor, behind where Elsa is selling ice-cream, or in the game pass area.


To tame a Penguin, a player drops the Golden Goldfish and a multiple Penguins will surround it. Eventually, a Penguin or Golden Penguin will eat the Golden Goldfish and they will be added to the player's inventory. The best way to tame a Golden Penguin is to wait for one in Elsa's stand, then drop the Golden Goldfish without any other Penguins in there. Players can also chat with the Penguins to get them to stop in their position.


  • Honey is the Golden Goldfishes' counterpart, which is used to tame Bees instead of Penguins.
  • It costs Robux 26 more than Honey does.
  • It was featured in the Pet + Potion Bundle.



A Golden Goldfish




Golden Penguin


Golden Goldfish on a counter in the Ice Cream Parlor

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