TheΒ Golden Egg was released on March 20, 2020. It is one of the rewards in the Star Rewards by logging in daily until the player has reached the needed Stars.

It has a chance of hatching one of three pets: the Golden Griffin, Golden Dragon, or Golden Unicorn. It is a Legendary egg.

To obtain the Diamond Egg, you must first obtain a Golden Egg.

Golden Pets

Pet Image Rarity
Golden Griffin
GoldenGriffin Pet
Golden Dragon
GoldenDragon Pet
Golden Unicorn
GoldenUnicorn Pet


  • It has a 100% chance of hatching a legendary pet.
  • It has re-textured 3 previous legendary pets, the Unicorn, Dragon and Griffin.
  • It takes a login streak of 180 days (6 months if you login once daily or 3 months, 19.5 days if you are able to login every 15 hours) to claim this egg if you begin and maintain your streak after the rewards update (21st March 2020). People who had a pre-update streak will, of course, be able to claim their golden egg quicker than those who didn't but their streak will be higher than 180 when they claim it.
  • Before claiming this, you must claim the other prizes, then, the whole cycle starts again, allowing you to claim the Diamond Egg upon second completion.


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