Theย GoKart is a vehicle in Adopt Me!. It can no longer be obtained. It used to be the vehicle received when buying the V.I.P gamepass.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Fast Only 1 Seat (Only you can ride in it)

Relatively small, allowing for speedy movement in glitched areas

Not 'smooth' during turning periods
Required V.I.P
Gets stuck when you are traveling through the exit due to its extreme speed
A bit floppy. For example when it crashes when you approach an obstacle.


  • The GoKart cannot be obtained anymore, so you can only have it by trading a person who still has it.
  • Usually, V.I.Ps have it but they typically want good pets for it.
  • Even if someone has the V.I.P chat tag, they may not have this item so donโ€™t approach everyone with V.I.P, because they might not have it.


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