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The GoKart is an ultra-rare single-seater vehicle in Adopt Me! that used to be a perk that players would receive after purchasing the V.I.P gamepass. It was later replaced by the Limo and can now only be obtained through trading.

Handling & Speed

The GoKart is a small and agile vehicle, and is one of the best performing vehicles in the game in terms of speed, being slightly faster than the supercars from the Supercars Pack. This benefit is somewhat subsided by the GoKart's generally poor handling. It does not go around corners quickly enough at fast speeds and deals poorly with bumps and road imperfections. This makes the GoKart easy to flip, especially at higher speeds.

In terms of practicality, the GoKart only has a single seat, being designed mainly as a fun vehicle to zip around with, without efficiency in mind. Interestingly enough, this is highly contrasted by the GoKart's successor, the Limo, being a bulky, luxurious vehicle with high passenger capacity.


The GoKart resembles a typical go-kart, being a small, open-wheel car meant for recreational use. It has blank, gray rims, chrome tubing, and black metallic parts. A steering wheel sticks out of the front part of the GoKart, positioned directly towards the driver.


  • Only previous V.I.Ps could have received the GoKart. Players buying the V.I.P gamepass after it was replaced will receive the Limo instead of the GoKart.
  • Much like other vehicles in the game, the GoKart appears to be much shinier in both the V.I.P advertisement and in the player's inventory. This is most likely because of the fact that Adopt Me! has different shading compared to the environment that the GoKart's initial pictures were taken in.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
One of the fastest vehicles in the game. Only one seat (No passengers can ride).
Relatively small, allowing for speedy movement in glitched areas. Handling is sub-par.
Can only be obtained through trading, hard to come by.
Can often get stuck when traveling through the Neighborhood tunnel.
Does not deal well with road imperfections.