The Glider is classified as an ultra-rare Gamepass toy in Adopt Me! that can be obtained by purchasing the Glider from the display to the left of the main square. It can also be obtained through trading.

Players are able to walk around normally while holding the Glider. however it is possible to get stuck as the Glider can still collide with walls and other objects while in this state. The Glider cannot be used while in vehicles or in Obbies, but it can be used while riding a pet. Players can also hold pets while flying.

The Glider is very similar to the Propeller and it varies as being the one of the only toys that have the ability to take flight and change directions during flight. The Glider is known to have the advantage of lateral movement.


Despite being categorized as a toy, the Glider's use is similar to that of a vehicle, with an ability to be used as transportation. The Glider has unique controls, with clicking used to take flight and is controlled by camera movements instead of the usual controls.

To use the Glider, the player would have to first equip it through the β€˜Toys’ section of their inventory. After doing the, the player would then click on the equipped item to take flight. The player can move their camera around to change the direction they glide. To stop gliding, the player can press the jump button at any time during the flight.

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