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Gifts are a loot-box type of items found in Adopt Me!

It is run by Santa Claus and he serves and makes the gifts. If a player opens a gift, they have a chance of unboxing a legendary, limited-time vehicle.

There are three gift sizes:

  • Small (70 Bucks)
  • Big (199 Bucks)
  • MassiveΒ (499 Bucks)

The bigger the gift, the higher the chance to get a rarer toy and Legendary vehicle, which is only available for a limited time.

The prize list and rarity charts are below with an additional chart displaying non-obtainable legendary vehicles.


Common Stick Throw Toy Ice Cream Rattle Zeppelin Balloon Soccer Ball Throw Toy
Uncommon Boomerang Protien Bottle Rattle Newspaper Chew Toy Mouse Chew Toy Mouse Leash Rubber Dog Balloon
Rare Dog Leash Rope Chew Toy Pizza Unicycle Crate Stroller Rubber Chicken Rattle
Ultra-Rare Plunger Grappling Hook Airplane Propeller Triple Stroller
Legendary Banana Car Hoverboard Traveling House Train Dogmobile


Gift Common Uncommon Rare Ultra-Rare Legendary
Small Gift
60% 30% 7.5% 2% 0.5%
Big Gift
20% 50% 20% 8.5% 1.5%
Massive Gift
0% 10% 55% 31% 4%

Some Gifts that were available in the past are no longer available now.

(Legendary) Gifts vehicles that are no longer obtainable

Gift Rarity
Bunny Carriage Legendary
Horse Cycle Legendary
Unicorn Cycle Legendary
Bathtub Car Legendary
Cloud Car Legendary
Monocycle Legendary
Mono-Moped Legendary
Rocket Sled Legendary


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