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The current gift board.

Gifts are items in Adopt Me!. They were added on December 2017. Gifts give players random items when opened. There are different types of gifts, and each gift has a different chance of containing items of different rarities. Although there are numerous ways to obtain gifts, the most common way is by purchasing them using Bucks.png Bucks.

Various events also utilize gifts as the main way for players to collect exclusive event items. These event gifts are often separate from the gifts that can be found from the gift board, and as such can be kept and traded even after the event is over.

The most common way to obtain gifts is through the gifts stand that is run by Santa near the School. Another way to obtain Gifts is after players log in for a certain number of days from their daily reward. Players will get their first free Small Gift from logging in for 5 days. If a player opens a gift, they have a small chance of unboxing a limited-time legendary vehicle. These legendary vehicles are on a constant rotation, with each vehicle being available for 7 days at a time. Now with the recent gifts update, players can obtain a legendary Growing Flower Hat from the gifts, the first legendary gift pet accessory, when it is on rotation.

Gifts stand prizes change every once in a while, and when they do, the prizes that were replaced cannot be obtained from gifts even if a player bought the gift before they were removed.

Types of Gifts

Gifts Display Gifts

These gifts can be obtained in the center of the Adoption Island near the NPC Santa.

Gift Price Common Uncommon Rare Ultra-Rare Legendary
Small Gift
Small Gift.png
Bucks.png 70 60% 30% 7.5% 2% 0.5%
Big Gift
Big Gift.png
Bucks.png 199 20% 50% 20% 8.5% 1.5%
Massive Gift
Massive Gift.png
Bucks.png 499 0% 10% 55% 31% 4%

Monkey Boxes

Main Articles: Monkey Box and Premium Monkey Box

These were available during the Monkey Fairground event. The Monkey Boxes had a 100% chance of including any sort of Monkey, and the Premium Monkey Boxes had a 10% chance of including an Albino Monkey. They are currently unavailable, and can only be obtained through trading.

Gift Price Common Uncommon Rare Ultra-Rare Legendary
Monkey Box
Monkey Box.png
Bucks.png 600 45% 30% 15% 10% 0%
Premium Monkey Box
Premium Monkey Box.png
Robux.png 195 0% 45% 30% 20% 5%

Christmas Gifts

Main Articles: Christmas Gift and Golden Gift

These gifts were available during the 2019 Christmas Event. They contained exclusive event items and the legendary Christmas Egg. Although they became unavailable to purchase after the event ended, they were still kept in players' inventories and can be opened or traded.

Gift Price Christmas Egg Common Uncommon Rare Ultra-Rare Legendary
Christmas Gift
Gingerbread.png 1440 30% 30% 21% 10% 8% 1%
Golden Gift
Gingerbread.png 4300 80% 0% 0% 7.5% 10% 2.5%

Rat Box

Main article: Rat Box

The Rat Box was available during the Lunar New Year (2020) event. Players could either obtain a Rat (Rare) or a Golden Rat (Legendary) from a Rat Box.

Gift Price Common Uncommon Rare Ultra-Rare Legendary
Rat Box
Rat Box AM.png
Bucks.png 345 0% 0% 93.3% 0% 6.6%

Bat Box

Main article: Bat Box

The Bat Box was available during the Halloween Event (2020). Players could either obtain a Bat (Uncommon) or an Albino Bat (Ultra-Rare) from a Bat Box.

Gift Price Common Uncommon Rare Ultra-Rare Legendary
Bat Box
Candy Icon.png 1,000 0% 80% 0% 20% 0%

Ox Box

Main article: Ox Box

The Ox Box was available during the Lunar New Year (2021) event. Players could either obtain an Ox (Rare), a Lunar Ox (Ultra-Rare) or a Metal Ox (Legendary) from an Ox Box.

Gift Price Common Uncommon Rare Ultra-Rare Legendary
Ox Box
Ox Box AM.png
Bucks.png 350 0% 0% 60% 30% 10%

Halloween Mummy Cat Box

The Halloween Mummy Cat Box was available during the Halloween Event (2021). Players could either obtain a Halloween Black Mummy Cat (Uncommon), a Halloween White Mummy Cat (Rare), or a Halloween Golden Mummy Cat (Legendary) from a Halloween Mummy Cat Box.

Gift Price Common Uncommon Rare Ultra-Rare Legendary
Halloween Mummy Cat Box
Halloween Mummy Cat Box.png
Candy Icon.png 600 0% 70% 25% 0% 5%

Walrus Box

Main article: Walrus Box

The Walrus Box is available during the Winter Holiday (2021). Players could either obtain a Walrus (Common), a Summer Walrus (Rare), or a Golden Walrus (Legendary) from a Walrus Box.

Gift Price Common Uncommon Rare Ultra-Rare Legendary
Walrus Box
Walrus Box AM.png
Gingerbread.png 15,000 70% 0% 26% 0% 4%

Current Prizes from Gift Display

Rarity Collectible Items
Common Cactus Plushie Chew Toy Galaxy Flying Disc Venus Fly Trap Rattle
Uncommon Daisy Flying Disc Magical Princess Chew Toy Rocket Grappling Hook Satellite Balloon
Rare Cactus Grappling Hook Magical Princess Leash Pink Cat Balloon Rocket Skates Rose Pogo
Ultra-Rare Galaxy Propeller Lunar Stroller Plant Powered Roller Skates Magical Princess Unicycle
Legendary Dino Truck Growing Flower Hat Imagination Box Squirrel Car

Prizes from Gift Display (Before beginning of September, 2021)

Rarity Collectible Items
Common Celestial Leash Huggable Pillow Soda Chew Toy Sun Balloon
Uncommon Armchair Float Burger Balloon Controller Balloon Flying Saucer Disc Plate of Food Disc Princess Rattle
Rare Butterfly Roller Skates Futuristic Unicycle High Heel Stroller Magic Wand Grappling Hook Potato Chew Toy Space Grappling Hook
Ultra-Rare Catapult Stroller Lime Slice Propeller Shuttle Pogo
Legendary Dino Truck Hovercar Imagination Box Squirrel Car

Prizes from Gift Display (Before the 2021 Gifts Refresh)

Rarity Collectible Items
Common Ice Cream Rattle Lead Zeppelin Balloon Soccer Ball Throw Toy Stick Throw Toy
Uncommon Boomerang Throw Toy Mouse Chew Toy Mouse Leash Newspaper Chew Toy Protein Bottle Rattle Rubber Dog Balloon
Rare Crate Stroller Dog Leash Pizza Unicycle Rope Chew Toy Rubber Chicken Rattle
Ultra-Rare Airplane Propeller Plunger Grappling Hook Triple Stroller
Legendary Banana Car Choo Choo Train Hoverboard

Prizes from Gift Display (Around Late 2019)

Rarity Collectible Items
Common Chew Ball Dog Food Flying Disc Flying Disc Umbrella Turkey Leg
Uncommon Bubblegum Machine Rattle Cookie Flying Disc Dragon Balloon Panda Flying Disc
Rare Crown Flying Disc Dog House Stroller Donut Flying Disc Hatched Egg Stroller Kangaroo Pogo
Ultra-Rare Donut Unicycle Griffin Propeller Kangaroo Stroller
Legendary Banana Car Dogmobile Donut Cycle Traveling House Unicorn Cycle

Unobtainable Legendary Vehicles

Main article: Gifts Vehicles
Gift Rarity
Bunny Carriage Legendary
Horse Cycle Legendary
Unicorn Cycle Legendary
Bathtub Car Legendary
Cloud Legendary
Monocycle Legendary
Mono-Moped Legendary
Rocket Sled Legendary
Donut Cycle Legendary
Travelling House Legendary
Dogmobile Legendary
Banana Car Legendary
Choo Choo Train Legendary
Hoverboard Legendary
Hovercar Legendary