The Ghost Vehicle is a limited ultra-rare vehicle that was added to Adopt Me! during the 2018 Halloween Event. It could be purchased for Candy Icon.png 8,000. As of now, it is no longer obtainable in-game and can only be obtained through trading. It is a one-seat vehicle. Despite its name, the Ghost Vehicle does not look like a vehicle.


The Ghost Vehicle reflects the design of the Ghost Cat, which is an item that players could receive by redeeming a code from a Roblox gift card in October 2015.

A player riding a Ghost Vehicle.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Good turning Medium speed
Ultra-Rare A retired vehicle, hard to obtain
Only one seat; no passengers are able to ride
Easily tips over when driving


  • When a player rides on it, they sit on the top of the ghost's head.
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